S. Bederian Technical Service LLC offers paper-machine threading expertise to the paper industry and may provide any of three basic services. 


Service to existing threading equipment and/or Training of personnel:


On-site service supervision supplements the mill maintenance effort.  The service interval recommended for trained expert care by most suppliers is 12-months. The service technician is usually brought on-site during shutdown.  His experience and knowledge contributes to repair, resetting and fine-tuning of the existing threading equipment.


A written service report is made for each customer visit.


Training can be informal such as having mill maintenance “shadow” the service tech or operators at machine-side in question and answer. Formal classroom-style training can be arranged.


Installation and optimization of threading equipment.


Mechanical changes to machine sections can affect operation and arrangement of existing threading equipment.  Some changes may be accomplished with the equipment remaining in-machine.  Others may require removal, rework and re-installation. Some section changes may void the usefulness of the existing equipment altogether. S. Bederian Technical Service LLC can assist the mill to plan and execute the rework or salvage of existing equipment.


Over time most paper machines experience significant process changes as the mix of grades is ever evolving.  Production and product demands affect machine speed, basis weights and trim. Often times existing threading equipment has been designed and tuned to perform at best efficiency at target grades that no longer represent the machine production standard.  Where machines with a narrow grade range may benefit from a standard service call, machines with a wide grade range should consider a multi-visit optimization service to observe threading performance over long-term and multiple grades.


New threading equipment usually has the installation service-supervision priced as a break-out. A mill may wish for the purpose of continuity or economy to consider S. Bederian Technical Service LLC to provide or supplement this service.



Assessment of the paper-machine for threading efficiency improvement:


This on-site service involves a detailed inspection of the existing machine and observation of current threading practice. A site visit is scheduled to include a shut-down day followed by a machine re-start. A static inspection provides physical and mechanical details, observation of the re-start provides detail of the threading process and efficiency, interviews of operating personnel provides the long-term history of threading experience.


A detailed written report is produced for the customer.  This report compiles the data from the site visit. It establishes the current state of threading for the machine. It identifies improvements that may have an immediate effect on machine efficiency (“low-hanging fruit”), identifies improvements that may be brought about with planning in short time-span or limited budget and identifies opportunities for capital investment to significantly impact machine threading. 


Using this report the customer may establish a path to improved machine efficiency.  S. Bederian Technical Service LLC is available to assist the customer to achieve these goals.  


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